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About CrossFit Acclaim

CrossFit Acclaim is dedicated to providing a broad, general, and inclusive fitness. We pride ourselves on teaching the foundational movements of CrossFit in order to provide a functional fitness that goes beyond the gym, preparing our clients to live healthier, fuller, and more active lives. At CrossFit Acclaim we also dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of greatness in the sport of CrossFit, helping our athletes achieve at the highest level in this endeavor.

And, not only in the sport of CrossFit do we strive for greatness; at CrossFit Acclaim we aim to prepare all athletes for optimal success at his or her sport by redefining and reinventing strength and conditioning on a daily basis. We invite any and all individuals to come help us change the world of fitness. It’s human movement. It’s exciting and fun. It’s for you. Come see us at CrossFit Acclaim in Boise, Idaho.